Our Tree Services

We offer a full line of tree services to protect and beautify your property.

Tree Removal

With over six decades of experience, our founder and ISA certified arborist, Ed Hufnagel, has been serving the community with professionalism and expertise. We take great pride in offering top-notch tree services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

It has been estimated that healthy, beautiful trees contribute 10-20% to the value of your property. Tree trimming and pruning are crucial elements of tree care that should be performed regularly. As seasons change, trees undergo various natural processes, and maintaining their optimal wellness requires timely intervention.

Tree Maintenance

Proper tree maintenance can help you reach the goals for your home or commercial property, whether you want to enhance curb appeal and brand impression or create an aesthetically pleasing environment for you, employees, students or patients. Our services are bonded and insured. We provide professional tree maintenance to a wide range of commercial properties with TCIA accredited and ISA certified arborists.

Stump Grinding

We offer affordable solutions to making those unsightly stumps and overgrown hedges disappear like they never happened. Using professional stump grinders we remove the tree stump to BELOW the surface of the ground to ensure the tree stump and its roots are no longer eyesores or tripping hazards. We are the company to call when Property Managers, Condo Association Managers, Municipalities and Residential homeowners have problems with hazardous or unsightly tree stumps on their property.

Pest Management

Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels. Our certified arborists are trained to recognize beneficial insects that will help naturally suppress pest populations, and we also release beneficials to augment existing populations. When treatments are necessary, we can apply organic and naturally based materials that provide effective pest suppression while protecting people and the environment.

Storm Proofing & Damage Repair

There are typically three kinds of tree damage: branch wounds, trunk wounds and root wounds. Most branch wounds can be easily fixed with pruning. Larger trees, however, may require the skills of trained professionals, especially those with high-reaching limbs. Trees with severe tree bark damage, or trunk damage, may need to be removed. The same goes for trees having significant root damage. Injured roots can weaken the foundation of trees, requiring prompt removal.

Tree Feeding Photo

Tree Feeding

Trees in urban and suburban environments are often under high stress conditions due to low moisture availability, soil compaction, physical damage, nearby construction, and competition from turf and nearby trees and shrubs. Fertilizer applications may reduce, but cannot eliminate, environmental stresses such as these. It is important to keep newly planted trees watered and pruned and to keep weeds away from their bases to avoid excess stress.

Land Clearing

We help individuals that need selective tree and underbrush removal. We perform full commercial development according to your requirements. We can clear all stumps, remove trees, clear all brush, and leave the area clear.

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